Alright, first of all I would like to address the inevitable reality that we all saw coming: I can no longer continue to update once a week. Sorry you guys, I know it sucks, but that's just the way it has to be! I'm back in school and hopefully getting a job soon. It's hard enough for me to keep up with kpop as it is, I am permanently behind in all of my fandom endeavours. I'm going to try to update every other week, but there won't be any promises that that will always be the case. If you follow me on tumblr or twitter I'll be keeping you guys updated on when updates are happening though, so you can stay in touch and know what's happening when it happens. But, if you don't want to follow I more than understand, because I don't use my twitter or tumblr solely for Ipsuren purposes (not everyone wants a whole bunch of Kyuhyun and Key on their dash and I am pretty offensive and tmi and all over the place on my twitter).

So that's what's up. 
I'm also going to get back in the habit of responding to all of my comments, because I really do love them and I love you and I need them to live.
Also, comments will keep me from f-locking Book 2 & 3, which we all know you're going to want to read! (right?)

          Word Count: 5,376
          Rating: NC-17
Warnings: rape, violence, character bastardization